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I've been an athlete since I was six years old. I've played a plethora of sports, but my favorite was volleyball. As an athlete, what you eat matters! I learned at an early age the importance of your diet and the affects they have on your body, both short and long-term. Come in and take a journey. You may come out healthier on the other side! :)

Plan Includes

  • Here’s Just A Quick Preview Of What You’ll Discover Inside...

  • Why Eat Healthy?

  • Understanding Your Relationship with Food

  • The Dangers of Diet Trends

  • The Food Pyramid

  • How Food Can Be Your Medicine

  • The Health Benefits of Eating Vegetables

  • The Health Benefits of Eating Fruits

  • The Best Meat to Eat for Healthy Living

  • The Dangers of Processed Foods

  • Bringing It All Together with Meal Planning

  • Plus, a whole lot more...

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